[Emergency-response] Disaster Food Stamps

Frieda Rhea frhea at dss.state.la.us
Thu Sep 1 18:23:08 CDT 2005

We are awaiting approval from the Federal Govt. to implement our Disaster Food Stamp program.  Presently, we are taking regular food stamp applications only.  Applicants for regular FS must complete the long application and provide requested verification.  In certain situations, we can postpone receipt of verifications and issue benefits.  

Persons applying for Disaster FS benefits (once it is approved) must complete a 2 page application and are not subject to as many verification requirements.  They will also receive an active EBT card loaded with benefits upon completion of their interview if eligible.  We cannot take applications yet for the Disaster program.  We expect word from our State Office at any time that we can start taking these simplified applications.  I will notify you immediately.  

Today, our 4 workers interviewed 62 regular FS applicants, mostly evacuees, and we have stacks for tomorrow. We are working late to try to certify as many as possible. Once our Disaster program is in effect, our office will offer extended hours 7 days a week to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, thank you for your patience.

Frieda (Jeanie) Rhea
Social Services Analyst Supervisor
Beauregard OFS
frhea at dss.state.la.us
(337) 463-6091

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