[WBEL-users] Intel 82865G integrated video problems with XFree86?

Mario Gamito gamito@netual.pt
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 14:17:15 +0100


I've been using DELL for many years in Linux both on desktop and on
Right now i have an Optiflex GX 270 SMT for desktop that the
(motherboard embedded) graphic card you mention.

Unfortunately, Intel seems to have stopped developing their video
drivers for Linux on version 810 on of their cards. 
Either we accept it, either we don't.

No choice... except... do what  i have done: i've ordered my machine
with a nVidia GeForce. Just more 130 euros (more or less the same in
If you buy graphic a card in a retailer and insert it yourself inside
your box, it will probably be cheaper.

Mário Gamito

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 13:47, Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:
> The continuing saga of implementing WBEL at work on MIS workstations for 
> linux learning... :)
> Okay, I was able to use Knoppix 3.4 and qparted to shrink the XP NTFS 
> partition by 100Meg so that I could put the WBEL boot partition on hda.  
> Now it boots great!
> Next problem:  I'm running a Dell 4600 that WinXP reports as having an 
> Intel 82865G integrated graphics controller, with 64Meg of RAM, but the 
> video card keeps detecting as an Intel 865 using the i810 driver.  My 
> display is a Dell E172FP flat panel display, which seems to auto-detect 
> just fine.  Any time I try to put it in the "millions of colors" mode, X 
> won't start.  Also, whatever resolution I put it in, it seems stuck in 
> about 640 x 480 (or could be 800 x 600, it's hard to tell by just looking 
> at it).
> I've tried googling, but only came across one or two posts about the 
> problem, but no solutions.
> I've downloaded both the RPM and the .tar.gz driver file from Intel's 
> website, but neither seems to change the behavior.  I still have the 
> compiled .tar.gz dri drivers loaded.
> I figure that there's probably some esoteric X configuration file changes 
> that need to be made to make the whole thing work, but I haven't a clue on 
> how to do this.
> Can anybody help?
> Thanks!
> Ben
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