[WBEL-users] Determining the Cause of a Kernel Panic

Daniel J. Summers danieljs@knology.net
Sun, 05 Sep 2004 08:18:58 -0500

Greg Knaddison wrote:

>How confident are you that it's a software issue and not a hardware
>issue?  Or are you open to all ideas and just looking for more clues
>to the cause?
Of course.  :)  The ndiswrapper was just a guess, because on the one 
panic I got while I was booting, that's where it was (brining up 
wlan0).  When I was running FC2 on this box, it would simply freeze - no 
mouse, no caps lock key response, nothing.  Now that I've got WBEL back 
on it, at least it's maintaining enough control that the kernel is 
blinking the lights instead of  it just being hard locked.  I hope I'm 
that much closer to figuring out what's going on.

>I had a machine that would die randomly and it really frustrated me
>until I pinned it down to times when the processor was being used
>intensively....and then to the fact that there was a piddly small fan
>on the processor.
Hmm...  Well, this machine has never been able to run folding@home - it 
locks the machine up after about 10 minutes under Linux, and about an 
hour under Windows.  (Not quite sure what the time difference means...)  
So yes, I'm certainly open to the fact that I may have hardware issues 
(other than running an non-HCL wireless LAN card).

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