[WBEL-users] Re: Gigabit cards with WBEL

Jesse j@lumiere.net
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 19:40:01 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Joshua Weage wrote:

> The only warning I have is that you can't do network kickstarts with
> cards that use the e1000 driver.  This is the case for all versions of
> WBEL released so far.  I don't know if the patch will/has gone in for
> respin 2.

I've installed several dozen machines using the e1000 driver within the
last month or two, all using PXE and network kickstarts. So if there is a
problem, I think it still works okay on most hardware.

Nicely e1000 devices are also supported for netdumps.
Gigabit is helpful for quick backups. Backing up at 400Mbps+ cuts down
backup times compared to 80-90Mbps.

Jesse <j@lumiere.net>