[WBEL-users] LVM update breakage

Dan lists@norcomcable.ca
Tue, 21 Sep 2004 10:14:23 -0500

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Has anyone noticed that the updated lvm package has broken? It's now
installing all of the binaries with an '.lvm1' suffix which I'm fairly sure
is the reason a remote box that I updated has not come up, (It has /usr,
/var, etc. on LVM).

I can see this is either:

1) Package breakage, they shouldn't have the '.lvm1' suffix
2) The SysV script should be updated to try binaries with the suffix as well
3) There's perhaps an LVM2 package that should be installed, (certainly
didn't get pulled in by deps).

Any comment? I'm going to now try faxing a shell script :-) to put compat
symlinks back in which to my eyes will get the box working again.


I too am suffering the pains of this.
On two of my boxes, just putting in symlinks to vgchange and vgscan got me
up and running.

However, one of my boxes will not boot correctly now.  It gives me a ( none
) login: prompt after quickly dieing in the rc.sysinit.

I would suggest that people do not update the lvm until this problem is


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