[WBEL-users] WhiteBox lists down?

Kirby C. Bohling kbohling@birddog.com
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:23:53 -0500


	I've e-mailed the WBEL e-mail lists, and I don't see the
messages coming back (one on the 24th to you CC'ing WBEL-users about
the mirrors not sync'ing the new LVM package).  I also don't see the
archive getting updated with any messages since the Sept 23.  My
username and password work, so I wasn't dumped off the list (I still
see myself listed as a subscriber).  I'm not getting any kind of
bounce that my mail message was delayed (maybe I did and just
skimmed right past it).

	It lists you as the admin of the list so I'm e-mailing you
directly, and CC'ing the list to see if the list just has been
dormat for 4 days because everyone has nothing to say.