[WBEL-users] does anyone have any suggestions for setting up a remote SSH server using WB 3.0?

Van Loggins vloggins@turbocorp.com
Wed, 29 Sep 2004 11:17:15 -0400

I need to make it as secure as possible.

I currently have a old Celeron 700 MHz system running Fedora Core 1 
working as a remote SSH server, but since fedora has dropped official 
support for it, and I keep getting numerous attempts to log into the 
system using nonexistant accounts from different IP addresses 
(unsuccessful so far), I feel that I need something more secure.

I'm replacing the large clunky Celeron 700 MHz system with a much more 
streamlined Mini-Itx system, this way I take up less cabinet space, and 
get the same performance. I have loaded the unit with WhiteBox Linux 3.0 
and it seems to work very well on it. The unit has a Epia Via C3 800 MHz 
processor, 128 megs of ram, and a 4.3 gig laptop hard drive. No CD-Rom 
or Floppy. I used a USB CD-RW drive to install WB 3.0 onto it.

The system needs to be configured to allow 3 different people to connect 
into it from any IP address on the internet, absolutely no SSH root 
Access (authorized users will use su to switch to root if needed), and 
if possible I would like to configure the system so that it will drop an 
ip address using iptables if more than 4 or 5 attempts are made from it 
to log into the system using either a nonexistant account or as root. 
Also the old system is configured not to allow X to work through SSH, so 
I plan on setting the new system up the same way

The new system also does not have X installed or configured

any suggestions you can offer me on ways to accomplish my goal are most