[WBEL-users] latest updates give me a package conflict

Benedikt Carda ml at two-wings.net
Fri Apr 15 04:32:15 CDT 2005


I update my WBEL 3 system with yum. The latest updates give me an error:

[root at freedom carda]# yum update
Gathering header information file(s) from server(s)
Server: White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 - i386 - Base
Server: White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 - i386 - Released Updates
Finding updated packages
Downloading needed headers
Resolving dependencies
.conflict between gtk2 and librsvg2
[root at freedom carda]#

As I really have no idea what to do, I first look at the installed 
packages gtk2 and librsvg2:

[root at freedom carda]# rpm --query gtk2
[root at freedom carda]# rpm --query librsvg2
[root at freedom carda]#

And this surprised me a little. How can I have two versions of librsvg2 
installed? Never seen this before. Can this be the reason for the 
package conflict? If yes, how can I remove the older of the two librsvg2 
packages savely by using rpm? If no, what else could cause the package 

Best Regards,

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