[WBEL-users] Server hard disk failure

Francies Moore liz at indract.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 15:40:55 CST 2005

Hi everyone

One of my WBEL servers has crashed due to the failure of one of its hard 
disks.  My hardware support technician (a recent Linux convert) says it 
could be a filesystem failure.  Is such a thing possible on a machine 
which was doing nothing over Easter?  I thought Linux was more stable 
than "that other system" in this regard.

Whatever happened to it, it cannot reboot as the ext3 journal cannot get 
its head around the situation.

How do I recover what is left on the surviving hard disk (which contains 
the operating system and some user files)?  Do I revert to ext2 by 
deleting the journal and changing the fstab?  If so, where do I find the 
journal file, and what is it called?

Can I go back to ext3 when a new HD is fitted?



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