[WBEL-users] which is the correct ?

Jorge Sanchez jorgealex72 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 09:45:16 CST 2005

Hi my friends, my name is Jorge and I'm from Perú, First of all excuse
me but my english is very poor. Here is my question. Recently i
install oracle 10g and oracle ias 10g on Fedora 3, the Oracle database
works good but the Application server fails on some services, so we
test the same programs on RHEL SE 3 and they works fine with minimal
corrections. Now we want to run this programs on a "completely free
linux plataform" and i hear about the RHEL "clones" thats why i find
White Box Linux and CentOS Linux. Some persons said me White Box Linux
it's what i need, I find the web page but i'm so confused about the
Respin and Updates, the only i need is the most, most similar to RHEL
SE 3 to test with the Oracle programs i mentioned above. Please guide
me what's the one i have to download. Thank for all and excuse me
again for my english.


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