[WBEL-users] which is the correct ?

Will Senn will_senn at comcast.net
Thu Mar 31 10:18:10 CST 2005


Get the latest Respin, it will be equivalent, basically, to Redhat 
Enterprise with the latest updates applied.


Jorge Sanchez wrote:

>Hi my friends, my name is Jorge and I'm from Perú, First of all excuse
>me but my english is very poor. Here is my question. Recently i
>install oracle 10g and oracle ias 10g on Fedora 3, the Oracle database
>works good but the Application server fails on some services, so we
>test the same programs on RHEL SE 3 and they works fine with minimal
>corrections. Now we want to run this programs on a "completely free
>linux plataform" and i hear about the RHEL "clones" thats why i find
>White Box Linux and CentOS Linux. Some persons said me White Box Linux
>it's what i need, I find the web page but i'm so confused about the
>Respin and Updates, the only i need is the most, most similar to RHEL
>SE 3 to test with the Oracle programs i mentioned above. Please guide
>me what's the one i have to download. Thank for all and excuse me
>again for my english.
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