[WBEL-users] I would like to understand the build process better.

John Morris jmorris at beau.org
Mon May 2 20:18:10 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-05-02 at 10:49, Ralph Blach wrote:
> If I have a fedora core 3 installation of Linux, and say wanted to build 
> a Rel 4 what would be the general steps.
>  From the looks of it,
> 1) install enough fedora system in a chroot area so that I can compile 
> and build, the from the source rpms

I am currently building on a FC2 system using slightly newer versions of
scripts available from the whiteboxlinux.org site.  They will allow you
to create and enter chroot environments in either 32 ot 64 bit mode
created from WBEL 3.0, 3.0-respin2, RHEL4-Beta2 or sorta (the posted
version is buggy) WBEL4.

> 2)slowly rebuild the system, so that none of the fedora system exist.
> Is this how it is done?

That isn't how I do it.  Once I have a chroot build environment I do
everything from there up to spinning iso images and burning the media. 
Then I carry those CD/DVDs to a test machine and try installing on real
hardware.  Note bugs/errors/etc apply fixes to the packages and rebuild,
wash rinse repeat.  Once I get a stable build I place those files in
/whitebox/distrib and reinstall the chroot from that.

The outside system is not all that important, but does have some
influences on what is happening in the chroot.  For example, making /dev
work can be an issue, the current scripts assume the real system still
has a real /dev it can copy from.  And the running kernel version gets
embedded into xorg on WBEL4 so it clearly identifies itself as having
been built on FC2.  Post WBEL4 release I hope to find myself shifting
day to day operation on the buildhost to it so I will be changing the
scripts.  After running some tests to make sure WBEL3 will still build
packages correctly with a 2.6 kernel in charge.

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