[WBEL-users] Best Distro for a Developer / SysAdmin-wannabe Desktop?

Andrew Vong andrewvong at finpress.com
Wed May 4 10:49:34 CDT 2005

Dear Linux Gurus,

I'm using WBEL for a couple of servers I'm running. As they are servers, I 
installed only what was required for each server to perform its duty (e.g. 
no GUI, minimalist approach, etc...). Thus far, all is well and humming 
along nicely. :)

I use XP on my laptop as it came pre-installed with it. My desktop also 
runs XP. However, I am thinking of dumping XP on the Desktop and switching 
to Linux.

What distribution would you recommend for use on the Desktop for a 
Developer / SysAdmin-wannabe? Preferably, I would like to have the 
environment to be exactly like WBEL's.

Is KDE or GNOME recommended for an ex-XP user?

Summary of my requirements:-
- Would like easy transition from XP
- Would like to be in a WBEL-like environment
- Would like to spend much time exploring Linux to further familiarize 
myself with Linux
- Have day-to-day applications that one would need for work and play (e.g. 
Instant Messenging, GIMP, Editor, Office, create PDF files, etc...)
- Be able to be plugged into a predominantly Windows environment and be 
still interact with them

I have a copy of SUSE Pro 9.1. Bought it some time back but didn't have 
time to install or experiment with it.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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