[WBEL-users] Best Distro for a Developer / SysAdmin-wannabe Desktop?

Andrew Vong andrewvong at finpress.com
Thu May 5 14:47:36 CDT 2005

Dear Benjamin, Luke, Jan-Albert, Greg & Richard,

Thanks for all the advice and sharing your experiences with me. Very much 
appreciated.  :)

Best Regards,

At 11:49 PM 04/05/2005, Andrew Vong wrote:

>Dear Linux Gurus,
>I'm using WBEL for a couple of servers I'm running. As they are servers, I 
>installed only what was required for each server to perform its duty (e.g. 
>no GUI, minimalist approach, etc...). Thus far, all is well and humming 
>along nicely. :)
>I use XP on my laptop as it came pre-installed with it. My desktop also 
>runs XP. However, I am thinking of dumping XP on the Desktop and switching 
>to Linux.
>What distribution would you recommend for use on the Desktop for a 
>Developer / SysAdmin-wannabe? Preferably, I would like to have the 
>environment to be exactly like WBEL's.
>Is KDE or GNOME recommended for an ex-XP user?
>Summary of my requirements:-
>- Would like easy transition from XP
>- Would like to be in a WBEL-like environment
>- Would like to spend much time exploring Linux to further familiarize 
>myself with Linux
>- Have day-to-day applications that one would need for work and play (e.g. 
>Instant Messenging, GIMP, Editor, Office, create PDF files, etc...)
>- Be able to be plugged into a predominantly Windows environment and be 
>still interact with them
>I have a copy of SUSE Pro 9.1. Bought it some time back but didn't have 
>time to install or experiment with it.
>Hope to hear from some of you soon.
>Thanks in advance.
>Best Regards,
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