[WBEL-users] RPMBUILD Confusion ?

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Fri May 6 08:45:52 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 08:49 -0400, Ralph Blach wrote:
> John,
> Ok, I am still a little hazy.  Lets say I am starting out with a fedora 
> 3 distribution. Is distro where the fedora RPM live?
> Thanks
> Chip
> > 
> > DISTRO is where the complete tree for the distribution lives.  It should
> > have a WhiteBox|RedHat directory with an RPMS and base subdirectory
> > inside, an SRPMS directory, etc.  I dump the contents of all of the CDs
> > there or rsync in from the main repo.  PKGS you will note is just DISTRO
> > with the WhiteBox/RPMS part added in.
> > 

The DISTRO directory in this since would be the one above the Fedora
directory (or the WhiteBox / RedHat directory for WBEL) after you copied
the entire tree to disc.

So you would have:


and under that would be:




and all the readme files, etc.

So ... it is what is on the root directory of the main ISO ... or on a
mirror it would be this directory:


Johnny Hughes
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