[WBEL-users] cd2

Kay Diederichs kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de
Tue May 10 03:05:57 CDT 2005

Carl Brewer wrote:
> Dan Simoes wrote:
>> CD2 of respin2 has some serious issues.
>> According to the archives, the torrent version is fine, but I just burned
>> one and it's not.
>> Is there a good image of CD2 anywhere?
> I never found one :(

# md5sum liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso
2876fa88bde36e645b51a7c5529fa716  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso
# grep liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso liberation-respin2-md5sums
2876fa88bde36e645b51a7c5529fa716  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso

You can access my repository (i386 only) by rsync . This works as follows:
If you already have a file called liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso you could 
make rsync correct it by (everything is one long line!)
rsync -avc 

If you don't have a file yet, you can omit the c flag.

hope this helps,


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