[WBEL-users] Re: cd2

Henry Stilmack h.stilmack at jach.hawaii.edu
Tue May 10 14:09:16 CDT 2005

> CD2 of respin2 has some serious issues.
> According to the archives, the torrent version is fine, but I just burned
> one and it's not.
> Is there a good image of CD2 anywhere?

$ md5sum liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso
2876fa88bde36e645b51a7c5529fa716  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso

$ cat liberation-respin2-md5sums
Hash: SHA1

White Box Linux 3.0 (Liberation) Respin 2 MD5SUMS

4ee96691f4de2d9e26115b14a53cc245  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-1.iso
2876fa88bde36e645b51a7c5529fa716  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-2.iso
8d70763a3fd932f9694d72d5e335bdcf  liberation-respin2-binary-i386-3.iso

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