[WBEL-users] upgrade from respin 1 to respin 2

William Hooper whooperhsd2 at earthlink.net
Wed May 11 08:52:23 CDT 2005

israel.garcia at cimex.com.cu wrote:

> Hi, I've just got my 3 CDs of WhiteBox Linux 3.0 respin2, and I want to
> upgrade my old WB respin 1. My question are:
> 1. Is recomendable to make this upgrade - or- leave  my old server
> (respin 1) up2date (I mean with all updates)?

A fully up2date respin 1 _is_ respin 2.  The only reason to issue a respin
is (generally) more hardware support for the installer, and providing
errata packages up to the point of the respin, so there is less to
download after installing.

> 2. When I booted my server with CD 1 (respin 2) I couldn't see  any
> option to upgrade my system?

Because it isn't an option.

William Hooper

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