[WBEL-users] Display problem

Simon Hodge Hodges at rpsgroup.com
Tue May 17 10:21:24 CDT 2005


I've search the web without success for some time and so hoped someone
here could help!  I've just downloaded and installed WBEL - version 4.0.
I did a full install.

I've logged in with a user, disabled access controls (xhost +) and then
remotely logged into another machine.  On the remote machine I set the
DISPLAY variable to the WBEL machine.  When I attempt to start a
graphical application, such as nedit, I get the 'Can't open display'
message.  For example:

local> xhost +
local> rlogin remote

remote> DISPLAY=local:0
remote> nedit
Nedit: Can't open display

I know this may not be a Whitebox problem, but I haven't had the problem
on any other distro (yet!) so just wondered if any other Whitebox users
experienced it or could offer some advice?

Thanks very much!

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