[WBEL-users] WBEL 3.0r2, DVD, Bittorrent

Alexandre Aufrere loopkin at nikosoft.net
Wed May 18 02:52:42 CDT 2005

John Morris a écrit :
> Are you sure 3.0r2's CD2 is still bad?  I had gatech to a refresh and
> switch to mirroring direct from the machine with the repo drive mounted
> right before dropping 4.

Oh, well then no, i'm not sure. I tried for the last time in the first 
days of may. I just assmued that since the file dates didn't change, the 
files weren't changed till then. I'll check that today.

> Right now the big pulls should be done so I just started the seeds back
> up.  Doubt I can keep all of the 3.0r2 torrents seeded for long though. 
> Going to try to get the 4 errata built and when those drop the mirrors
> will need a clear shot at em so some of the torrents will get killed off
> again.

Well, and what about :
- seeding only 3.0r2 DVD, or putting the iso on mirrors
- removing old 3.0 and 3.0r1 images from mirrors

That way, everything interesting will remain available (through BT or 
mirrors). Also would be possible to stop BT download at all (frankly 
it's quite useless, BT works well only when you have a lot of people 
downloading/sharing a file, which is not the case for WBEL), and put the 
DVD iso on the mirrors, using the room left by 3.0 and 3.0r1 ISO CD images.

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