[WBEL-users] 4.0 media check blues

Randy rocano at comcast.net
Wed May 18 19:08:07 CDT 2005

I used a sony crx185e3 (CD burner) at 4x (the slowest 
speed). Forgot to mention that just a few days before I 
burned WBEL 3.0 CD's and they media checked OK. 
All things considered and since this isn't exactly a 
mission critical install I went ahead and installed with 
the media. The install seemed to be fine and I'll try 
another burn from Linux if I encounter any problems.

Thanks for your suggestions


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> On Tue, May 17, 2005 at 06:40:25PM -0700, Randy wrote:
> > I've downloaded manifestdestiny and they md5sumed 
> > OK. Burned a set of CDs with Nero 6.0, but when I install 
> > they all fail the media check. Since the checksum is 
> > OK, I ass-ume the download is good. Cut another set 
> > of CDs using Paragon with the same results. I'm using 
> > the same machine/CDrom to burn and install. I tried 
> > 2 other PC's and the media check always fails. The 
> > installation seems to startup and run OK. 
> > 
> > Can anyone suggest what the problem might be, please.
> Have you tried md5sum'ing the actual disks themselves?  The CD's
> after being burnt should have the same md5sum.  Do you get the same
> file if you build an ISO off of the burnt CD's?  Sometimes there is
> a padding issue if you suck an image off of CD, so ensure the file
> sizes are exactly the same before you start.  If the image pulled
> from the cd is slightly larger, you might have to trim it down to
> exactly the same size as the original ISO.  I've had to do this
> before.
> Did you do the obvious and verify the burn after you burnt the CD?
> I'm fairly sure Nero has that option.
> This might be a chicken and the egg problem.  Have you tried using
> Linux based tools to burn the ISO's?
> What speed did you burn the ISO's at?  I've known people who had
> problems with CD's burnt at high speed, but normally it's when they
> put them in Laptop drives.
> These last two are more desparation then anything else:
> What make and model of CD-ROM do you have?  I know on laptops they
> used to recommed that you turn DMA off on if mediacheck consistantly
> failed.  I forget the boot option for it, I want to say, "nodma" or
> ide=nodma or something like that.
> Trying to look up the nodma command I came across this, it might be
> useful:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2005-April/msg01532.html
> It looks like several other people have been having long standing
> media check problems with FC releases. Upon which I believe RHEL4
> and thus WBEL 4 are built.
> Have you memory tested the machine (I've had things that looked
> great on disk when checked, but when you read them into memory
> they'd get corrupted, so depending on the memory usage of md5sum and
> the CD burner that might be it).
>     Thanks,
>         Kirby

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