[WBEL-users] x64 yum update failing

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 23 09:25:23 CST 2006

>>  Otherwise, I need to either manually update
>> glibc all the time (which isn't very practical), or find a way to let yum
>> only update glibc.i686 without downloading all the other i686 pkgs.
> Fairly simple solution is to just never install a .386 package and no
> new dependencies should be generated to pull in any stray libraries.
> But let just one 386 package get on the system and watch how fast you
> fill up on em.

That's exactly my problem.  I have dmraid.i686 installed, so it is looking 
for glibc.i386, etc..etc..etc.  I don't have many packages that rely on 
glibc, but just enough to annoy me.

Any other solution I can try?  The only thing I've thought of is to make the 
base yum repository exclude everything non i386 and have updates open to 
all, in the theory that if there is something already i386 that it can 
update it, but otherwise, I don't want it to install anything new i386 when 
I search for it.

Is there a better solution?  Is there another way to configure yum to only 
look for x86_64 pkgs?



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