[WBEL-users] Upgrade Path

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 29 08:21:13 CST 2006

William Warren wrote:
> yes..Centos is one RHEL rebrand.  WBEL is another.  While i switched 
> from WBEL to Centos seeing you as a Centos maintainer telling folks to 
> switch because WBEL is dead or whatnot frankly makes me embarrassed for 
> Centos.  Let them do as they will.  If they choose to come over to 
> Centos that's great. If not then let them be.  Trying to take users from 
> a distro they have decided they wish to use just isn't right.  The 
> thinly vieled attempt to have the users come over by saying"it's the 
> same distro" doesn't hold water.  ubuntu is based on debian but i have 
> yet to find anyone that says ubuntu IS debain.  Ubuntu is it's own 
> distro regardless of it's roots.  The same goes for WBEL and CentOS.

William, I agree with what you are saying - it is a Free World, and 
people can and should do as they please, however - if there are 
somethings that we could do better at CentOS or if we might be able to 
make the transition easier for people - I'd like to know how. And then 
if possible, maybe address those issues.

And like I just said in another email - CentOS is not the only other 
option, there are others like SciLinux ( and RHEL! )

Finally, apart from the images - what else do you classify as being 
'different' between CentOS and WBEL ?

- KB
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