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Purcocks, Graham grahamp at wsieurope.com
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Thanks Jamey

I think what is worrying us is that John hasn't even said to this list
'I'm too busy at the moment, but I'm slowly working on it'. If you see
him, perhaps you can ask him to give us lost souls a word of
encouragement :O)


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Vic wrote:

>> after all the only goal here is to have a rhel compatible distro, or
>> you fork that idea to something else ?

> One of my goals is to have a nice stable distribution where people
> continually question my continuance with the WhiteBox distribution

> This is what I want to do. That's what Free software is supposed to be

IANAL, nor am I jmorris at beau.org - however, as you can see by my e-mail 
address, I might have talked to him on occasion - and I have.

John and the Library are having turbulent times now (no, not in the his 
job's in danger kind!), but there's a lot going on behind the scenes 
there.  (People never realize how much goes on *BEHIND* the check-out 
desks at a library.)  I haven't talked much lately about the current 
status, though I know he's downloaded the RHEL 5.0 packages and is 
looking at them.

I also remember a problem that popped up when the project first started.

  John registered whiteboxlinux.org, but didn't bother with the .com and

.net.  Someone else did, and set up a whole CMS forum setup there, and 
seemed to want to become an official WhiteBox Linux site.  However, John

never really *intended* for there to be anything extremely official. 
John never did anything about that sight, quite simply because John's 
fairly hard-core old-school Internet, and doesn't use web forums much (I

think Slashdot is the only one I've ever seen him post in) - he much 
prefers mailing lists.  Eventually said person left WHEL and moved over 
to CentOS, I think.

John's not going to hand over the signing keys for the Beauregard 
Library's packaging - but that's no reason someone else can't sign with 
their own keys - look at the alternate repositories for Fedora!  Dag, 
Dries, Livna, etc, all use their own keys.  I encourage, and I think 
John would too, someone else to set up their own WhiteBox update server!

So, John isn't going to get annoyed at someone else setting up a 
repository, and making updates available from their site.  I will tell 
you that one thing that slows John down a lot is his insistence on 
making the packages *RIGHT* - not just "Oh, that built - let's release 
it!"  That's why there are so many packages with -WBEL in the package 
name - he's had to make significant changes, there, to get them to build

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