[WBEL-users] thanx

Daniel J. Summers daniel at djs-consulting.com
Wed Oct 18 15:26:04 CDT 2006

Potter, Mark wrote:
> Daniel
> if you think im a "harvester" you'd better think twice!
You might want to go back and check out that header - I didn't write 
that message.  Mine was the helpful (I thought) general procedures for 
the common file types found online.  I see you've gotten some good links 
that should help with learning Linux.  One tip, though, when you're 
asking a question - make sure you include enough details for the person 
replying to be able to narrow it down.  Operating system (distribution), 
the filename, and the steps you've tried are all details that make you 
message a little bit longer, but they assure the reader that you have at 
least tried to figures some things out yourself, whether through Google 
or man pages or however.  :)

> I would like to
> engage in discussions but I feel I know too little to be of useful use in
> them, hence the questions mate. 
Personally, I don't mind questions.  I'm not actually running WBEL right 
now either - that was more of a "I upgraded and couldn't make it work 
then ran out of time" issue.  But, I am about to set up an Edubuntu LTSP 
server for my kids' school.  It's not something I've done before, so 
that'll be another learning adventure for me.


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