[WBEL-users] WBEL Vs Centos ? :-S

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists@hughesjr.com
Mon, 06 Dec 2004 20:40:31 -0600

On Mon, 2004-12-06 at 20:00 -0600, Kirby C. Bohling wrote:

> You said roughly "it's not a Whitebox Issue".  In that context, you
> meant it wasn't "This is not the fault of anyone who works at
> beau.org".  However, Johnny Hughes (sorry if I'm putting words in
> your mouth Johnny), said roughly "this was an issue with Whitebox".
> In that context, he meant it's a problem for anyone who uses WB, not
> that it's some deficiency of anyone at beau.org.  You are two ships
> passing in the night.  You are seeming to try rebut what he said,
> while using different interpretations of the same word (in this case
> "Whitebox").

Exactly what I meant Kirby - The end result is that users of WhiteBox
Linux can not expect to get updates as reliably or as quickly as from
any other RHEL rebuild project. That is fact ... there are many causes.
The largest of which is that the NCSU mirror seems to have MANY issues,
and it is the only one the others can sync with.

That IS NOT NECESSARILY John Morris' issue ... but it is an issue if you
use WBEL. This list is not a John Morris fan club list ... it's a WBEL
Users list.  If I can't download WBEL updates, I consider it a
"WhiteBox" issue.  I have never said anything bad about John Morris, in
fact, my post said _JUST_THE_OPPOSITE_.

If timely updates are not a key factor for you, then WBEL is a great
distro.  If timely updates are the most important thing you consider
about the distro you want, then WBEL might not be a fit for you.  That
is all I have ever said ... and I have never said it meanly.


> Problems that users of WBEL have, aren't necessarily things that are
> John's problems.  They might even be John's fault, but they surely
> aren't all things I expect John to fix.  However, the start of this
> thread, was "Hey, are there good reasons I should use WBEL over
> CentOS or CentOS over WBEL".  Johnny was replying with a good reason
> why you might look some place else.  Johnny never implied it was
> anyone's fault, merely that one of the critera people use is
> security updates, and posted about the history of WBEL's security
> updates and their time to being available on public mirrors.


Again - Exactly what I meant Kirby :)

I am a WBEL user, and I have been a member of this list since it
started, with my first post on 13 Dec 2003. I will post until my access
is blocked :)

Johnny Hughes