[WBEL-users] Whitebox Linux Security Update

Erik Williamson erik@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Wed, 15 Sep 2004 14:17:54 -0600

Hi All,

>>-) Wait for the whiteboxlinux-update?
> I would do this unless you just have to have the updates right now.

I'm one of those that would enjoy seeing the updates sooner - we have a 
number of external servers running WBEL, and as it stands I've been 
recompiling the SRPMS at times to avoid the update lag.

If there's anything that I can do to help speed along the update 
process, I would love to help.  I believe in this project and think that 
it is a great thing - If I can give back I'd love to.  From threads past 
on this mailing list though, it seems like all offers to help have been 
turned down - but if you're reconsidering, count me in!


e r i k   w i l l i a m s o n                     erik@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
  system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary