[WBEL-users] Whitebox and kernel 2.6.x

Randy Kelsoe randykel@swbell.net
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:06:09 -0500

Luis Hernán Otegui wrote:

>Hi, people, this is my first mail to the list. I'm going to install
>WBEL on a brand new server, and I was wandering about the stability of
>the 2.6.x series of kernels. Has anyone put something like this in
>production? I've been reading about the major improvements 2.6 has to
>offer, and personally I have been running the 2.6.6 over Debian on a
>OpenMosix cluster (via ClusterKnoppix), but I need to know how to
>upgrade a RedHat-style installation to some 2.6.x-smp kernel, so I
>could install WBEL and do the upgrade
Some of the reasons for the existence of WBEL/RHEL are to have a stable 
environment that is supported for a good while (5 years), and to use on 
machines that do not need a cutting edge Operating System. It is really 
designed for production servers that run and run and have little time 
for reboots. If you really want to run a 2.6 kernel, try Fedora Core 2.

>I guess WBEL doesn't support XFS from scratch, so I will need to
>install the system on EXT3 and then have the partitions converted to
>SGI's FS.
This is another reason to go to Fedora Core 2. I don't think the 
installer will allow you to create an XFS partition, but I think if you 
can partition your drive with XFS, the installer will recognize the file 
system. There are no tools to convert ext3 to XFS. You have to mkfs with 
XFS and then copy your data to the XFS partition.