[WBEL-users] Whitebox and kernel 2.6.x

Jan-Albert van Ree javanree@vanree.net
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:52:05 +0200

On Saturday 25 September 2004 16:56, Luis Hernán Otegui wrote:
> OK, then. Thanks everybody for your insight, it is proving to be very
> helpful here. I'm planning to deploy a high-uptime high-load server as
> I said before, a dual-Pentium IV system, with SATA discs and a DVD
> recorder for backups, so the next level of questioning is this: will
> WBEL detect the SATA drives? I know 2.6  kernel will do it, since I've
> done a bunch of Debian installations on SATA-drived machines, but
> since I'm new to the RedHat world, I was wondering if the installation
> will detect them.
> I've heard some rumors about 2.6 kernel not being stable enough for
> DVD recording, or that you have to become root to actually be able to
> record anything, but nothing of this has happened to me on Debian, all
> I need is to make the recording user member of the "burning" group, so
> I guess it would be the same on WBEL...
> As it's easy to see from what I say, I will be needing SMP support. No
> future porblems here, since I've seen the SMP kernel RPMs on the WBEL
> mirrors. But what I'm still concerned about is the SATA support. Does
> WBEL support SATA from install? If not, how should I proceed?

S-ATA works partially with the current WBEL kernels. All below is just from 
MY experience with MY hardware, YMMV.
I use a Shuttle machine (SB75G2 barebones) with the Intel 875 chipset. S-ATA 
on this board works on several levels : only 2 S-ATA ports or 2 normal 
P-ATA ports , use 1 normal P-ATA and the two S-ATA ports (in this case, to 
boot from S-ATA your primary P-ATA controller is disabled) or use all 
(S/P)-ATA ports combined.
Everything here works, apart from the last (combined) mode, Intel did 
something funky with their Windows drivers to make this work right I 
suspect. Linux (even Knoppix 3.4) didn't work correct for me, not seeing 
the harddisk.

My "fix" was to only use one ATA port and the S-ATA ports, since I only have 
a S-ATA harddrive and one ATA DVD-ROM drive that's no big issue.

As for DVD recording, I've been using the Schilly binary on a WBEL machine 
with the default kernel with no issues (although I only write DVD+R data 
disks... never tried anything but that)
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