[WBEL-users] WBEL 4 Updates

William Warren hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com
Thu Aug 11 12:06:53 CDT 2005

I love seeing questions like..is this distro dead?  Why doesn't WBEL 
interface more with the community.

The website says it all..made for self benefit.  WBEL is great do not 
get me wrong and i am not slamming Morris..but the site is quite clear. 
  If you want a site that is more quick with it's updates CentOS is good 
and there are other distros out there as well.  Either wait for mr. 
Morris to get to releasing them pubicly on his spare time or switch distros.

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>>>Did you try looking here:
>>>So you can see that RedHat has provided them.  The question is just 
>>>whether or not John has respun them, right?  Which I would say the 
>>>answer is no since they aren't on the GT nor the ESAT 
>>mirrors (which 
>>>have historically been primary mirrors).
>>I know there have been updates from Red Hat .. I should have 
>>said "have there really been no WBEL4 updates sine May 23rd?"
>>It concerns me a fair bit.
> Me too.  Is this distro dead?
> I have been getting the redhat updates and rebuilding them.  I now have a
> RH/WBEL mixed system but my system is up to date.
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