[WBEL-users] Anaconda/Kudzu "Ignored" hardware

Daniel J. Summers daniel at djs-consulting.com
Mon Aug 29 20:32:45 CDT 2005

Good evening.

I recently reinstalled WBEL4 x86_64 on my laptop.  Once I got it up and 
running, I installed my wireless software, and the card would work.  
After I did this, upon booting, either anaconda or kudzu (not sure which 
is responsible for that) would come up and say that new hardware had 
been detected, press a key or I'll go away in 30 seconds, etc.  It was 
now detecting my wireless card.  For a while, I picked "Ignore", which 
meant that next time, I'd be prompted again.  I did this because, once 
booted, the wireless worked.  I didn't want to "Configure" it and break 
it!  :)  Anyway, finally one time I picked "Do Nothing", which means 
that it won't prompt me anymore.  Now, my wireless LAN card will not 
come up!  :(

Where does the system store my "Do Nothing" response?  I'd like to go 
change that configuration to see if it fixes the problem.  I'm guessing 
that maybe some sort of init isn't happening due to this.

Thanks...  :)

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