[WBEL-users] Problems with up2date

William Hooper whooperhsd2 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 18 07:46:55 CDT 2005

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Shapiro, Mark wrote:
> I succeeded in updating the machine by using the "yum update" command,
> which found a large number of out of date packages and updated them.

You didn't answer the question of what mirrors you have configured in
up2date.  Yum and up2date use different configuration files, so it is very
possible that one is set to use an out of date mirror.

> I have one other machine that is running WBEL4.  That one also reports
> that the machine is fully updated, even though it hasn't been updated
> since I loaded WBEL4 on it a few months ago.  However, that machine does
> not have yum on it.  Is yum available on the WBEL4 discs?

Yum was mistakenly not installed by default, but can be installed either
from (IIRC the 4th) disc or via up2date.

William Hooper

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