[WBEL-users] problems on compaq nx9040

Graham Waring liverbird89 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 00:27:16 CST 2005

G'day tito,

I have had a simular resolution problem on an old laptop I have run linux on 
for about 5 years.  It used to detect available resolution options fine in 
the old redhat distro's 6x, 7x & 8 I have installed on it over the years.  
However from 9 onwards and WBEL I have needed to edit the XF86Config (lives 
/etc/X11/).  Under the "monitor" section I changed the HorizSync range from 
31.5-37.9  to 31.5-48.5 (because that is what it was detected as in older 
distro's) and then gone back into runlevel 5 (I init 3, vi the file and then 
init 5).  Just re-check the settings are still correct when back in runlevel 
5.  For me the 1024x768 res option is then available to select when back in 
the desktop as before the highest was 800x600.  It is possible to even 
manually put the 1024x768 option right into the file which is right at the 
end in the "screen" section subsection "display", go back into runlevel 5 
the resolution is correct.  This may not be the same issue you are 
experiencing, however if you have some spare time and an old copy of 6x, 7x 
or 8 do a quick install and see…maybe.
For your modem it could be a winmodem (good luck), so check out 
http://www.linmodems.org/ I have spent many hours with win modems under 
linux with little success.
Hope this helps
Good luck

>From: "tito.basa" <mochafrap at mix.ph>
>To: WhiteBox Users <whitebox-users at beau.org>
>Subject: [WBEL-users] problems on compaq nx9040
>Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:00:34 +0800
>i'm having problems with WBEL 3.0 on Compaq nx9040
>particularly the screen resolution. Can't set it to
>1024x768 even if it detected the correct graphics card
>but only 800x600 (it detected an unprobed LCD monitor)
>after installation, setting it to 1024x768, then restarting X
>(CTRL + ALT + backspace) is no good...Googling around
>didn't help much :(
>linux also used to hang when shutting down on Gnome
>so i shutdown on CLI even on updated packages
>(this was fixed somehow when I ran Bastille but
>still don't know what exactly fixed the problem)
>any help or doc to guide me here and also
>to enable my wireless and dial-up modem
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