[WBEL-users] RPMBUILD Confusion ?

John Morris jmorris at beau.org
Tue May 3 14:03:43 CDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 08:07, Ralph Blach wrote:
> > %_topdir        %(echo $HOME)/rpmbuild
> > 
> I found I had to import the entire redhat rpmmacro file to get the 
> rpmbuild process to correctly build.  Just setting %_topdir did not 
> really do it.  trying to do an rpmbuild --rebuild never worked.

Then something else is wrong.  The only other things in my .rpmmacros
file are things to set the vendor tag, the gpg config, etc.

Here is everything in the .rpmmacros file for the chroot tree where
WBEL4 final is coming off the build process:

%_topdir        %(echo $HOME)/rpmbuild
# Change the line below before uncommenting it unless you are building
# packages destined to ship under the 'official' WhiteBox name.
%vendor         whiteboxlinux.org
%compsversion   4.0.whitebox
%rpmdbname      whitebox
%rpmdbversion   4
%rpmdbtree      %(echo $HOME)/whitebox/en/4
%basedir        %(echo $HOME)/whitebox/en/4/i386/WhiteBox/base
%_signature gpg
%_gpg_path /home/buildsys/.gnupg/
# Of course you must change this to match your keyring
%_gpg_name 73307DE6
%_gpgbin /usr/bin/gpg

> Also, one of the most frustating things about this entire proceess of 
> building RPMS's from the sources that I cant seem to install down a new 
> install root and I cant get rpm to check for dependencys from that 
> install root.

It can do that.  My createchroot script does "rpm --root $CHROOT -ivh
$PKGSET" to install a block of packages down a chroot tree.  It will
correctly throw errors for failed dependencies.  You do have to init a
blank rpm database first.  Here are the commands:

rpm --root $CHROOT --initdb
rpm --root $CHROOT --import $DISTRO/RPM-GPG-KEY

The --inport gets rid of the endless stream of complaints about gpg

But why are you mixing up building from source with installing the
finished binaries?  Once you have a working chroot you install and build
the srpms from within it.  You do the chroot and then you operate as if
it were a whole new machine, running rpm and rpmbuild from a shell in
the chrooted environment.  Get everything just so and X apps even work
so you can test your freshly rebuilt copy of firefox without having to
touch the outside 'real' OS.

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