[WBEL-users] x64 yum update failing

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 09:23:52 CST 2006

Hi John,

Thanks for the tip.  The machine is actually a web server, so I have few 
worries about any Office apps, etc.  It basically needs to host MySql, 
Tomcat and Apache.  I had actually appended my yum.conf file with a line: 
exclude=*.i386 *.i586, *.i686 to ensure that it stayed i386 clean - i didn't 
want to have multiple copies of all libraries piling up on it.  So I'm 
guessing that's why yum is failing.  However, what I'd love to do at this 
point is check to see if there are any actual dependencies on glibc.i686 and 
if none, then wipe it out.  Otherwise, I need to either manually update 
glibc all the time (which isn't very practical), or find a way to let yum 
only update glibc.i686 without downloading all the other i686 pkgs.

Any suggestions?



"John Morris" <jmorris at beau.org> wrote in message 
news:1143003346.2975.32.camel at mjolnir...
> On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 22:13, Eric B. wrote:
>> So now the question becomes how can I safely remove the i686 pkg without
>> touching the x86_64 pkg?
> When a package exists in two archs, like glibc, rpm/yum needs to update
> both at once.  Normally this isn't a problem since I will hatch both at
> once but apparently your machine only found the newer x86_64 package.
> Have been pushing a lot of packages in the last week or two so a mirror
> has probably glitched.  Instead of waiting while it sorts itself out I'd
> suggest manually grabbing the packages and running rpm -Fvh [packages]
> on em.
> I wouldn't recommend removing the i686 version, a lot of things will
> break.  Even a 'pure' 64 bit install needs a couple of i[36]86 packages
> and glibc seems to be one of them.  Plus any 32bit packages you have
> installed would certainly stop working, like OpenOffice.org, Quake3,
> etc.
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