[WBEL-users] Upgrade Path

Alon js at wsco.com
Wed Nov 29 10:27:01 CST 2006

I've used WBEL 3.x for a year and a half and was very happy with it.
Recently, I had to start using centOS simply because I was unable to run yum 
update successfuly, lack of resposnes from mirror sites.
My usage as a webhosting provider is very basic and it doesn't matter to me 
which distro I'll use for the same purpose.
I enjoyed version 3.x and version 4.x came a bit flaky. What I liked in 
CentOS was the fact that I didn't need to look for a GPG key
import instructions, it was delivered upon a yum update session and only 
asked me to press the 'Y" to accept it.
The ongoing updates with CentOS is certainly a plus, but let me make a point 
that I'm still saying thank you for WBEL and think
it is great that it is there as an alternative, being a less popular these 
days perhaps, yet still running :).

- Alon
js at wsco.com

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> On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 14:11 +0000, Vic wrote:
>> > apart from 'emotional attachment' I dont think
>> > there is any other reason from your side thats ever come through as to
>> > why not. If there is a reason why people would hesitate to move to
>> > CentOS, perhaps we would like to know ? If there something that can be
>> > done to fix that issue, then we will.
>> This mail thread is the reason.
>> I am heartily sick of being told how much better CentOS is, how WBEL is
>> dead, how we should all switch to CentOS immediatley, how no other
>> distribution can match it, that we chould switch to CentOS now, that
>> anyone who does anything but switch to CentOS is wasting their time, how
>> switching to CentOS is the only sane thing to be doing, how Resistance Is
>> Futile.
>> I'm not alone in this view.
>> If you want to improve CentOS's appearance - stop trying to promote it at
>> the expense of opyther distros. Feel free to tell the world what you're
>> doing right. Stop telling people who aren't interested what you think
>> they're doing wrong.
> ----
> I suspect that you are reacting to some perceived pressure that wasn't
> intended by CentOS users.
> The fact is that it is relatively easy to switch a system over from WBEL
> to CentOS and continue on and I think that was the point that people
> have been trying to get across.
> The choice of course is yours and it would appear that you have already
> made it.
> The problem with WBEL is that from its inception, it was driven by the
> efforts of just one person and that's just too much work load for any
> one person and your efforts, though similarly well-intentioned are
> likely to suffer the same fate. In the end, it makes sense to join a
> project where the workload is shared by a group so that the efforts can
> be spread amongst many and there is overlap of responsibility. If and
> when you finally get to the point where you have update packages built,
> there still remains the problem of distribution of these updates which
> is no small hurdle itself.
> The reason I believe that WBEL is dead is that I see John Morris post on
> Red Hat's Nahant mail list but won't respond on his own list here.
> Craig
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