[WBEL-users] Up2date and WB3.0 Mirrors.

Purcocks, Graham grahamp at wsieurope.com
Wed Oct 11 07:56:19 CDT 2006

It just seems strange that some of update 8 has appeared but not all.
Which may mean it's a mirror problem. But without active comment from
anyone difficult to tell. 

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I agree Whitebox does appear to be dead. But hey, we can't complain. 
Nothing for nothing, right.

I run it for servers which I don't really want to mess with too many 
updates unless necessary anyway. But in order to keep my version updated

with those things I do want, I have simply enabled the CentOS 
repositories and use yum when I want something and it will pick it up 
from wherever it happens to be located.

Kind Regards


try http://www.centos.org/
> is WBEL even being maintained anymore ?
> - KB
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