[WBEL-devel] redhat-config-kickstart diff

Josh Hildebrand josh@newgistics.com
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 13:16:31 -0600

I couldn't get redhat-config-kickstart --generate <filename> to work on my
newly installed WBEL box.

I tracked it down and I provide you with this patch to fix it..  There may
be a bigger issue that I haven't come across yet (and hope not to), but
these changes made it work.

And no, I haven't put this in bugzilla.. I'm too lazy.

For: /usr/share/redhat-config-kickstart/profileSystem.py

--- profileSystem.py	2003-12-12 22:51:37.000000000 -0600
+++ profileSystem.py.new	2003-12-23 13:03:55.000000000 -0600
@@ -25,14 +25,14 @@
 import sys
 import os
-import languageBackend
+import language_backend
 import rhpl.keyboard as keyboard
 import rhpl.mouse as mouse
 class ProfileSystem:
     def __init__(self, kickstartData):
         self.kickstartData = kickstartData
-        self.languageBackend = languageBackend.languageBackend()
+        self.languageBackend = language_backend.LanguageBackend()
         self.mouse = mouse.Mouse(skipProbe = 1)

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