[WBEL-users] vfat permissions - SOLVED

Daniel J. Summers danieljs@knology.net
Thu, 09 Sep 2004 22:38:14 -0500

Daniel J. Summers wrote:

> Good evening.
> I'm in the process of rebuilding my WBEL, and I'm stuck with vfat 
> permissions.  I know you can't do chmod or chown on their mount 
> points, but I can't remember what settings I had.  Basically, I want 
> it wide-open (rwxrwxrwx).  (I've got MySQL's data directory there and 
> Apache's html directory, both of which seem to want more permissions 
> than they've got.)
> Before, I had created a mount point of /mnt/drive_d for this drive.  
> Under this installation, I changed that to /home/summersd/drive_d, so 
> I could easily make a "documents" directory that I could access from 
> WBEL and WXP.  Here's the current (non-working) fstab entry...
> /dev/hdb1 /home/summersd/drive_d vfat 
> owner,user,rw,exec,suid,umask=0,uid=summersd,gid=summersd 1 2

As it turns out, this was my problem.  According to a Linux whiz friend 
of mine, when access to a file is attempted, it will check the file, and 
every directory back up to /, to make sure the user has the appropriate 
permissions.  Under /home/summersd, "apache" and "mysql" don't have the 
permissions they need.  I moved the partition back to /mnt/drive_d, 
mounted it as root (but still with the uid and gid of "summersd"), 
changed the apache and MySQL settings, and everything works the way it's 
supposed to.

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