[WBEL-users] monitoring strange behavior help

Dan lists at norcomcable.ca
Fri Mar 4 11:05:08 CST 2005

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> Hi people, One of my clients use  WBEL to run sendmail, pop3, 
> dhcdp, iptables (with shorewall script with nat and port 
> forwarding, antismurf and some other features) and the 
> TrendMicro IMSS (mail)  and IWSS (http traffic) antivirus products.
> Things were going fine but now the server freezes at least once a day.
> It freezes up to the point were local console does not 
> respond so i have no way to tell whats going on (cpu? rogue 
> process?) so i have to power off and back on.
> searching the logs reveal nothing strange (at least for me, 
> but im no genious)
> Do you know of some script or program that can alert me when 
> unusual conditions begin to happen in the server? like cpu 
> increase? ram increase? swap?
> some process eating up resources?
> most importat is any way to set up some system wide "nice" 
> level so the apps do not eat up the CPU/RAM, so when the 
> condition happens again, I will at least have the chance to 
> get in and take a look?
> Many thanks in advance
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Sounds a lot like a memory problem.
Won't hurt to run a quick test.


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