[WBEL-users] VMWare

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Mar 14 11:00:19 CST 2005

Daniel J. Summers wrote:
> Daniel J. Summers wrote:
>> I'm thinking about saving up the money to purchase VMWare, so I can
>> run the few Windows apps that I can't get working with wine under
>> Linux without having to reboot.  $189 is pretty pricey for an
>> individual, though - before I spend that money, I wanted to hear from
>> some experienced VMWare users.
> Thanks to everyone for their advice and tips.  I'm sitting at about 1.7G
> free right now, so any sort of  experimentation that requires a full
> install of Windows would require me removing my Windows partition (10GB)
> and reinstalling Linux.  I'll probably end up waiting until I can
> acquire a bigger hard drive.  :)
> Thanks again!
You could run VMWare and use that 10 gig windows partition, you wouldn't
need to do much to make it work.

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